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Marriage Equality Contingent Planning Meeting for Seattle PRIDE 2009

In March the Senate passed a bill that will grant gay couples all the rights of marriage without calling it marriage. Currently this bill is just out of committee and is expected to pass and have Governor Gregoire’s signature by the end of the month. This means that Washington State will have full marriage equality come June. But it is not time to exhale yet. A group calling themselves the Washington Values Alliance (WAVA) is currently working to put together an initiative that will not only overturn the ruling but also terminate all civil union/domestic partnership rights as well. They also bring with them three strong arm members of the right wing of Washington – namely WAVA President Larry Stickney, Bruce Crasswell and Stephen Pidgeon.

This means that the fight is coming here. We will have our own Prop 8 battle here in Washington State and with the way politics often happens here in this state we can expect to see a major throw down between those in solidarity to our cause and those against it. I would like to announce a Legalize Marriage Equality in Washington contingent for the 2009 Seattle PRIDE festival. Many friends of mine are in committed relationships and are looking to receive all the benefits and rights of marriage so that their partnerships are protected under the law. As tax paying citizens we should be granted these rights. As citizens of this country, we deserve equal and legal protection under the law.

I am reminding everyone of the meeting at 7:30pm at Café Vita on Capitol Hill Wednesday April 22nd. There will be a follow up meeting on the following Monday April 27th also at Café Vita at 7:30pm for those unable to attend Wendesday's meeting. I hope to see many of you there. I have many ideas for this contingent and I hope you bring your enthusiasm, creativity and dedication. For more information, please contact us:

E-mail: washingtonmarriagealliance@hushmail.org
Hotline: 206 339-3796, updated regularly with information regarding the PRIDE contingent and volunteer information.
Website: http://washingtonmarriagealliance.wordpress.com/

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