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Seattle Activism
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if you'll notice, a lot in the way of activism is going on around the northwest. and after looking around livejournal for a bit, searching for a community for seattle-area activism, and not finding one, i decided to take it upon myself to create one. i want this to be a community and service for all you crazy little northwest activists/revolutionaries/anarchists/whathaveyou who need a go-to place for all your activism needs.

anyone who has a pulse (and a livejournal, i suppose) can post in here. this isn't so much about being a member of the community as contributing to it. i just want to create a forum for demonstration/event information, networking, debates, tips, ANYTHING. just be nice. there's nothing i hate more than a community full of self-righteous assholes. in other words flaming will not be tolerated. oh, and lj-cut big, long posts if you could! thanks!

if we're missing any interest keywords, let us know!

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