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2009 Radical Media Convergence Schedule


Dear friends,

I invite you all to join me at the Radical Media Convergence!  Free workshops, free food and free fun.  :)

Also, we are also planning another event called Recreating 2009 in West Virginia that starts June 12 and it is also free with free food and free camping found here and we are arranging rideshares from all over the country.

Love for the people,
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2009 Radical Media Convergence Schedule:

All workshops and meals are free.

Breakfast- [Seattle]
8am-9am - Free Breakfast
Time and Date: 8am-9:00am on Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Title: [Seattle] Radical Healthcare Justice and Media Empowerment. Presented by Dr. Pamela Wible, radical activist doctor from Eugene, Oregon
Time and Date: 9am-11:30am on Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Photo: Pamela and Angel inside the AstroDome shortly after Hurricane Katrina

Pamela Wible, a practicing radical doctor from Eugene, Oregon, will give a remarkable presentation. She has merged health care empowerment with radical media in every manner including videos, itunes, website publishing, social bookmarking, search engines and soon a nationwide book tour. She has given workshops around the country including at the Gesundheit Institute (as featured in the movie Patch Adams) and at Andrew Weil's Center for Integrative Medicine: "Burnout to Bliss: How Patients are Healing Physicians and Changing the Face of Medicine." She has also volunteered during the Hurricane Katrina at the AstroDome among other places and later given presentations on "Googling My Way to Katrina: Breaking Rank When Necessary" and "Community-Designed Ideal Medical Care: The Grassroots Health Care Revolution." She was also in the middle of the 1999 protests that successfully shut down the 1999 WTO in Seattle and found herself surrounded by police shooting people at point black range with rubber bullets while the police threw concussion grenades at people

and she decided, in her words "to engage in my own form of protest." Her love-centered work combined with her radical experience and workshops have resulted in inspired audiences throughout America. She has helped to give people the tools and the resources they need to start their own grassroots community medical practice. She continues her medical practice in Eugene, Oregon at the Ideal Medical Practice. 

go here: http://www.peacecommunities.org/5001.html

The direct web address for the discussion forums is here: http://tinyurl.com/mutualistproject

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Love for the people,
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Dare to dream of a better world!

"....a political struggle that does not have women at the heart of it, above it, below it and within it is no struggle at all.”

-Arundhati Roy, Quoted from her speech: '2004 Sydney Peace Prize Lecture' (The entire speech is available online, search for the title)

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